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Dennis KennedyIn an increasingly globalized society, the ability to work effectively with people from different cultural backgrounds and experiences is an essential skill for business professionals.  By definition, cultural competency is a knowledge-based skillset used to better understand, appreciate, and, in turn, effectively work with individuals from diverse cultures.  Building a firm foundation of cultural competency is the key component in developing flourishing workspaces that incorporate diversity.

The Center for Cultural Competency provides the tools you need to strengthen your cultural competency skills, so you can be successful in today’s world.  The framework of the Center focuses on teaching leading strategies and practices you need to drive measurable results for you and your team.

With expert guidance from our faculty of seasoned professionals, the Center for Cultural Competency will give you access to the resources you need to transform any workplace environment to a space where diversity can thrive.

I am excited to have you join our Center, and I look forward to starting this journey with you!

Dennis Kennedy
Center for Cultural Competency

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