Who We Are

The Center for Cultural Competency is designed for leaders who understand that their current and future employees, customers, contractors, and suppliers come from all different backgrounds and cultures. To effectively work together we must build trusted relationships with people who differ from ourselves. When we communicate with people who we do not understand we are at a higher risk for bias and misunderstandings, and to offend people. Our goal is to help you work more effectively with people from different cultural backgrounds through a learned set of skills and knowledge. This ability will help you interact more comfortably with people from different cultures. Cultural competence can be improved through training, education, and experience.

Why Cultural Competency is Important?

  • Increases creativity in problem-solving through new perspectives, ideas, and strategies, propelling innovation
  • Increases respect and mutual understanding
  • Increases trust and cooperation
  • Increases psychological safety and overcome fear of mistakes, competition, or conflict.
  • Increases participation and involvement of other cultural groups
  • Promotes inclusion and equity
  • Decreases unwanted surprises that may slow progress.

What We Can Do for You

  • Foster awareness and education on cultural competency
  • Increase knowledge about yourself
  • Increase knowledge and skill with people within your own team
  • Increase knowledge and skill to do business with people outside your team and across cultures around the globe.